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Google to Introduce O3D Plugin for Browsers
Google has a new O3D (Open 3D) plug-in under development for Chrome, which will allow the browser to display hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. If successful, the technology could lead to a new internet age where web applications make use of the system’s graphics processing power.
Google has been the innovator where it comes to the web and related services. It has been steadily decreasing the gap between web and desktop based applications with its Chrome browser acting as the bridge between the two sides. Keeping its history of innovations in mind, it would not be surprising if the internet giant succeeds in achieving this breakthrough.
Information about the upcoming O3D technology has been detailed in a blog post on the official Google Code blog. According to the blog, the plug-in will be available for all current browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome and will be compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux OS.
In addition to hardware-accelerated 3D graphics support, Google also has an all-new Native Client for its Chrome browser in the pipeline. This Native Client will be able to fully harness the system’s integrated processing power to boost O3D support. The open-source technology utilised by Google in developing the Native Client will make it easier for web developers to stay neutral across all browsers and keep web applications completely secure even while they make use of the CPU’s processing power.
On the whole, the blog post reveals an effort on Google’s part to create a standard web applications development kit that will also be helpful in the development of its Chrome OS.
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