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GTX295 Numbers Show Up

Over the past month, more and more details about the expected dual GT200 series GPU card have shown up.  Well now the first preview has arisen as well.


As was already predicted, the GTX295 will follow the precedent set by the 9800GX2, with dual PCB sandwich design.

Here we can see the full spec sheet compared to the current GTX260 and GTX280 cards.  Again, we see that the GPUs on the card seem to be some sort of fusion between the GTX260 and the GTX280.

There is little doubt that Nvidia has regained the single card performance crown, with the GTX295 topping the HD 4870X2 in all of the games tested.  The FPS gap ranged from being very minor to nearly doublt.  Where the Nvidia's dual GPU card really shines, however, is in PhysX.  In both games and settings tested, the GTX295's performance eclipsed that of the HD 4870X2 over several times.

Nvidia's offering also manages to beat out AMD's in the power consumption area, no doubt helped by the 55nm manufacturing process.

Still no word on what pricing will be like for this card, though there's little doubt your wallet will feel the pain should you buy one.

The full preview from Chinese site IT168 can be found here.

Will Nvidia be able to make this beast worth your while?

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