GTX 480 & 470 Specs And Pricing Revealed Page: 1

With the release of Nvidia's first Fermi-based graphics cards looming this week, it's about time we've gotten some concrete numbers about the cards.  Well the guys over at VR-Zone have released what they say is the final specification and pricing information.  Unfortunately, it seems at least some of it is not quite in line with what was initially expected.

The GTX 480 was first reported to sport 512 shader cores.  However, due to the current 40nm yield issues, this number has now been reduced to 480.  Probably the only good thing to come out of this change is that the card's TDP has been reduced from 295W, though it still remains in the realm of AMD's dual HD 5970 card at a blistering 250W.  Clock numbers have been set at 700/1401/1848MHz for core, shaders, and memory respectively.  The card will make use of 1536MB of GDDR5 memory on a 384-bit interface.  Pricing has been reported to be $499, putting it around $100 higher than ATI's current top-level single card, the HD 5870.

The "lower" level GTX 470 will feature 448 shader cores and 1280MB of GDDR5 RAM on a 320-bit interface.  Clock speeds are to be 607/1215/1674MHz for core, shaders, and memory, putting the card at a TDP of 225W.  This counter to the HD 5850 could be a bit more effective, with a price just slightly above at $349.

While no concrete performance numbers have been released, VR-Zone does mention that internal testing puts these cards with performance about 5%  higher than their ATI counterparts.  They also say that their sources indicate dual Fermi cards are in the works.  Seeing as the power/heat numbers of the single cards already rival those of ATI's dual card, this is almost a scary thought.

During this time, Expreview has also released pictures of retail cards and their packaging from XFX.