'Gulftown' May Not Require New Motherboards Page: 1
Good news for all i7 owners!
Intel Gulftown Supported by X58 ChipsetIntel's new 32nm, 6 core, Gulftown processors are scheduled for release in Q2 of 2010. A recently leaked Intel slide showed some details of these CPUs, most of it we already know, for example, it will use Socket 1366 and the Quick Path Interface like current i7 processors. The slide also confirms the TDP of 130W and that the new processors will feature Hyper Threding (for a total of 12 logical cores).
However, it confirms one thing, the new hexcore processors will run on the X58 chipset, which means it is highly likely they will work on current X58 motherboards, meaning it won't be such a costly upgrade after all then!
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