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Haswell-E uses a Soldered Thermal Interface


Intel Haswell-E de-lidded: A Soldered IHS!

Reports have been flying in this morning that Intel's upcoming Haswell-E CPU will have their chips soldered to their IHS (integrated heat spreader). This is a move from what Intel has done with their previous few generations of hardware where they used a thermal interface material more similar to what we use to attach our coolers to our hardware.

Overclockers rejoice, as a soldered solution will perform better than Intel's TIM solution, as the thermal conductivity is much higher. This will allow more advanced cooling solutions to more directly benefit your temperatures, which should allow you to push voltages and clock speeds higher than non-soldered solutions.

Here is a picture below of the supposedly de-lidded Intel i7-5960X, which has obviously been destroyed by the process. Taking off the IHS here has peeled the CPU die off, destroying the CPU beyond any possible repair.


Haswell-E uses a Soldered Thermal Interface


 Haswell-E Specs

Here are what we know of Haswell-E's specifications thus far, as well as the pre-order pricing we reported on little over a week ago. 



Core i7-5960XCore i7-5930kCore i7-5820K
Processing Cores866
Processing Threads161212
Core Base Frequency3.0GHz3.5GHz3.2GHz
Supported MemoryDDR4DDR4DDR4
Memory Controller Frequency2133MHz2133MHz2133MHz

PCI Express Config.

2x16 + 1x82x16 +1x81x16 + 1x8 + 1x4


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