HDA / Auzentech X-Plosion 7.1 DTS Page: 1
While HDA's X-Mystique part was based around C-Media's CMI8768 chip (a chip which has more recently appeared in Diamond Multimedia's new discrete sound solution), the X-Plosion moves on to make use of a new C-Media part, the CMI8770. This is actually a customised design created for HDA, so this time around it seems unlikely that other companies will also release boards with the exact same featureset as the X-Plosion has on offer. As with the X-Mystique, the X-Plosion's chip is an 8-channel affair that supports up to 24-bit, 96KHz playback and 16-bit, 48KHz recording, while still giving support for Dolby Digital Live technology to allow for the encoding of audio into a Dolby Digital bitstream on the fly.

The big addition to the X-Plosion along those same lines is support for DTS' equivalent to Dolby Digital Live, named DTS Connect. The X-Plosion is actually the first sound card to support this functionality, adding a rather nice feather to its cap. As with Dolby Digital Live, DTS Connect allows on-the-fly encoding of audio, only this time using the rival DTS standard for digital audio, producing a digital bitstream that any DTS capable decoder will be capable of making use of. As well as this, the X-Plosion is also capable of handing the full bit-rate of which DTS is capable (1.5Mbps), allowing for a full audio experience in the smallish number of DVD titles that make use of this high bitrate for audio.