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Thuban Hex Cores
AMD Leo RoadmapEarlier this week AMD announced Opetron CPUs with 6 cores, but they're aimed for at the server environment. They have told us that there will be desktop counterparts coming very soon too. It is very likely they will use the same socket AM3 and carry the Phenom II name, to make it easier for customers, take note Intel. The processors - codename Thuban - could be on the market as soon as Q3 2010 according to sources. Supposedly similiar to current X4 processors, with an onboard DDR3 memory controller, 512KB L2 Cache per core and 6MB of shared L3 Cache, likely to continue using the 45nm microprocess. The launch is set to coincide with the upcoming Leo chipset which will produce the 890FX and 890GX chipsets.
Intel are busy too, their roadmap shows 6 core "Gulftown" CPUs pencilled in for Q2 2010, based on the 32nm process though.
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