High-end motherboards cheaper to manufacture? Page: 1
Pricing of Japanese made solid capacitors expected to drop in 2009
Many motherboard manufacturers opt for solid capacitors on their high-end motherboards in the name of longevity and to provide a stable and smooth supply of power. Fujitsu, Sanyo Electric Company and Nippon Chemi-Con are well respected manufacturers and suppliers of solid capacitors. Unfortunately, the current price of solid capacitors are double that of the humble electrolytic variety due to a patent on the solid electrolyte that goes into making them. Currently Bayer AG, a German-based company, holds the patent on polyethylene dioxythiophene (PEDT). However, come Q2 2009 that will all change.
With the patents owned for producing solid capacitors that use PEDT (polyethylene dioxythiophene) as the solid electrolyte set to expire in the second quarter of 2009, Japan-based solid capacitor manufacturers are expected to lower their prices, which may pose a threat to Taiwan-based competitors,
Although solid capacitors have a higher efficiency, they are about double the price of other types of capacitors due to PEDT patent rights owned by Germany-based Bayer AG. However, with the patents expiring next year, solid capacitor manufacturers will no longer need to buy PEDT from Bayer, and the costs of making solid capacitors as well as the product prices are expected to drop.
Hopefully the price drop of solid capacitors will mark a reduction in the price of high-end motherboards for the future.
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