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HIS HD5830 Review


If there is one thing that ATI certainly can do it's produce a wide range of models to suit all pockets and applications. From the very baseline 5670 to the hugely powerful and equally expensive 5970.

For a long it's been held that the top end of the lower range is better than the bottom of the next one up. For example a 4770 is preferable to a 4830. HIS are hoping that their custom-cooled Turbo variant of the 5830 stops this trend.

This is also the final model in the current ATI line-up for us to review, so we will be able to see exactly where it slots into the market.

Technical Specifications

Popping along to the HIS website we find the following technical specifications.

Product CodeH583FNT1GDG
CooleriCooler V
Core Clock840MHz
Memory Clock4.4 Gbps
Memory Size1024MB
Memory TypeGDDR5
Memory Interface256bit
InterfacePCI Express x16 2.1

The main thing to differentiate this from the other models in the Radeon range is the custom HIS iCooler V. If previous HIS coolers are anything to go by it should be very good indeed.

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HIS HD5830  Review

A Closer Look

Compact would be the word that springs to mind. The main box is dominated by the Modern Warfare 2 logo which is a curious choice. If anything is likely to sell a £210+ graphics card it's unlikely to be the thought of Modern Warfare 2, a game most people will have played a thousand times already.

Perhaps if you're torn between two models the thought of a free game will do the business.

HIS HD5830 Review     HIS HD5830 Review  

Opening it up we find the standard adaptor cables as well as a nicely laid out manual and CD combination that makes a lovely change from the normal paper wallet that driver CDs come in.

HIS HD5830 Review     HIS HD5830 Review  

Finally we get to the HIS 5830 Turbo. No-one will be in any doubt that this is an HIS product, nor that this is the Modern Warfare 2 variant.

HIS HD5830 Review     HIS HD5830 Review  

It's nice to see a full-card non-reference cooler. Anything that helps exhaust the heat out the back of our case is always welcome.

On the rear we have the near-standard Radeon 5 series ports of HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI-D.

HIS HD5830 Review     HIS HD5830 Review

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HIS HD5830  Review

Test Setup

ASUS Rampage 2 Extreme
6GB Corsair Dominator GT @1333
1000w OCZ PSU
1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3
Noctua NH-D14 with Arctic Cooling MX3
Core i7 930 @ 3.6GHz
HIS HD5830 Turbo using Catalyst 10.3
HD5850 and HD5770 for comparison


Overclocking and Temperatures

Overclocking the HIS HD5830 Turbo was both a good and bad experience. The bad was that we couldn't get the RAM to overclock at all despite numerous attempts.The best we managed was a paltry 10MHz.

The GPU Core responded better hitting its maximum of 875MHz with ease. Despite this relatively small overclock the temperatures went from 62°C under load at stock, to 75°C load.

So if we struggle to get a good overclock, and the small one we got caused the temperatures to rocket, why is our overclocking both a good and bad thing?

One of our big bug-bears here at OC3D has always been factory overclocked cards that are extremely mildly overclocked and branded as something huge. HIS have clearly delivered at card that takes the architecture towards its limits whilst not generating immense heat.

So it's a good card out the box, how does it perform?

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HIS HD5830  Review

3D Mark Vantage

We wanted to test the 5830 Turbo against the next model up, and the one below, to see how it compares.

In 3D Mark Performance test it keeps up well with the HD5850. If we consider the Overclocked version to be a 5840 (not really but go with it) then the results are almost linear. Excepting the 5770 which is lagging well behind in the graph but still putting up a good fight considering the gulf in price between the two.

As always though the Performance test doesn't really show the true performance, because even a toaster could get a good score. It's once the resolution is increased and anti-aliasing is added that we get a truer reflection.

In the High benchmark you really can see what your little extra money buys with a HD5850, stock clocked remember, but the HD5830 puts on a good showing. Our small 35MHz overclock still gains us 200 points which isn't bad at all. 


Zero Anti-Aliasing

Unigine is one of our newer benchmarks and really takes advantage of every last DX11 feature to provide a sumptuous selection of eye candy. Although we've got the resolution up to the max the lack of anti-aliasing allows the HIS 5830 Turbo to give us a good result of 40FPS average. Not shabby at all.

8x Anti-Aliasing

Anti-Aliasing has always sorted the men out from the boys, and it's no different here with 8xAA providing a 10FPS frame drop.

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HIS HD5830  Review

Crysis Warhead

Warhead gives us our first surprise result. Not so much that the HD5770 lags behind, which is to be expected at this price, but that the 5830 using the 10.3 drivers gets such a performance boost from them that it can keep up with the HD5850 and, when overclocked, just sneak ahead. Impressive stuff from the HIS.

NFS Shift

Hmmmm. Not sure what went on here. I was using the 10.3s which give a fair performance boost when compared to the 10.2s the 5850 was tested with. But still, this is such a spanking by the HD5830 that I'm not sure what to make of it.

Dirt 2

With Dirt2 normal service is resumed and the HD5850 returns to the lead. The main thing to note is that the 5770 puts up a much better showing, but we still find the HD5830 gives playable, if not stellar, results.

Metro 2033

Another of the recent additions to the OC3D test suite is Metro 2033. It is very much the Crysis of the current generation providing excellent visuals and average gameplay. In a nice bit of synchronicity the results mirror those of Crysis with the HIS 5830 Turbo giving a good fist of it and running the 5850 close.

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HIS HD5830  Review


This has been a strange test.

Firstly the HIS HD5830 Turbo definitely spanks the HD5770 and puts up a good showing against the HD5850. In most of our tests it was very close between the two in pure frame-rate terms which would make it easy to conclude that you should rush out right now and buy one.

There are a few caveats though. The biggest one, the one that is almost impossible to ignore, is the pricing. An HD5770 is around £130 and gives good performance for that price bracket. The difference between the HIS HD5830 Turbo and a HD5850 is around £30 though. Performance wise the 5850 does hold the lead throughout testing, the anomalous Need for Speed Shift notwithstanding, and that is in stock form. Lots of our earlier testing has shown that the overheads available with a 5850 allow incredible overclocking performance that really gives a boost to the frame-rates.

Because HIS have done such an excellent job in squeezing every last bit of performance out of the 5830 Turbo it means that there isn't a lot of room to pull some extra performance out. The Cooler easily copes with the heat and remains quiet under loading.

Curiously we end up with two conclusions.

If your heart is set on a HD5830 then the HIS HD5830 Turbo is a fantastic choice and certainly should be top of your list. The cooler is very quiet, the performance is excellent and you get Modern Warfare 2 for free. As an additional bonus is because of its pre-overclocked state you can fit and forget.

However, if you've got around £210 to spend on a graphics card then you really should consider the extra £30 for a HD5850 which beats it on performance and if you overclock it will be far in the distance.

- Great performance for a middle-range card
- The HIS Turbo variant really does add something over the standard card
- Very quiet

- Priced very close to a 5850
- Already at its overclock limit

- None

Thanks to HIS for providing the 5830 Turbo for todays review. Discuss in our forums