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High performance graphics card maker HIS today introduced two new GPUs from the Radeon series today – the HIS 6970 and 6950 Fan Turbo 2GB GDDR5. According to HIS, the new cards bring together the latest and greatest features and will allow enthusiasts to experience the ultimate over-clocking performance.

Among the two, HIS has tweaked the clocks on the HD 6950 Turbo so that the card comes overclocked out-of-the-box. It will run with a core clock speed of 840MHz and memory clock speed of 5,120MHz, both significant improvements over the reference design. The HIS HD 6970 Turbo on the other hand has a maximum core clock speed of 900MHz with the memory clocked at 5,600MHz.

Both cards carry 2GB of GDDR5 memory on a 256-bit interface and are equipped with a dual-slot, single fan cooler. Also present on board is support for CrossFireX and HD3D technologies. Display connectivity support includes dual-DVI, HDMI, and two mini DisplayPort outputs.

While the HIS 6950 Turbo has become available from today, the HIS 6970 Turbo is expected to reach retailers by February 7. Pricing details for both cards have not been released.

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