HIS Unveils another Radeon HD Card – the HD 5770 IceQ5 Page: 1

HIS Digital is definitely on a roll this week; the graphics card manufacturer first rolled out the new HD 5830 card, then two new HD 5870 cards and now it has unveiled a new HD 5770 card. This hat-trick of releases has put HIS in the driver’s seat for the graphics card market this week.

Christened the HIS HD 5770 IceQ5, the new ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card has a complex cooling mechanism. The IceQ5 cooling technology from HIS consists of 8mm heatpipes that draw all heat away from the card and dump it into the specially designed heat sink. This gives the graphics card extraordinary cooling and keeps it functioning at a whisper even in extreme conditions.

HIS has not done any overclocking on the standard version of the card, which runs at the reference speed of 850MHz core and 4.8Gbps for the 1GB of DDR5 memory. The memory is a 128 bits one that sits nicely with the cards 800 stream processors. Alongside this standard model, HIS has also introduced a Turbo version, which has been factor overclocked to 875MHz core and 5Gbps memory speeds. However, with the terrific cooling capabilities of the IceQ5 technology, there is still good scope for further overclocking.

Additional common specifications include a DisplayPort connector, an HDMI connector and dual DVI. Both versions need a 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connector to get the 450W of power supply they need to function. The cards also support CrossFireX and come with the PCI Express x16 interface.

While the specifications are impressive enough, HIS has not released anything else; pricing and availability details are still awaited and the cards’ future will only be decided after they are announced.

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