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Spill-Proof Notebook
HP ProBook 6x45b Spill Proof LaptopHP have produced their new ProBook 6x45b notebook with the user who just can't resist an ice cold beverage or a hot coffee whilst surfing the net, and ends up spilling it all over their expensive notebook.
The new Probook-b series of laptops will be able to withstand spillages thanks to a built in 'gutter' in the keyboard that is used to direct the liquid towards the bottom of the laptop, to a drain hole. Quite a nifty feature that will save some people a considerable sum of money, just how effective it is could be questioned.
The Probook-b series will feature AMD CPUs and GPUs and either a 14" or 15.6" LED back-lit screen and will begin shipping towars the end of October for around £450.
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