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Discovering your youth again with Lost Tunes

Lost Tunes - 70's & 80's HitsWith not a single cheesy boy band or some obscure TV star turned singer to be found within, the new music download service, Lost Tunes, from Universal promises to strike the right notes with those who know and love all the 70's and 80's hits.There are some classic tracks with a good mix of some lesser known tracks and artists. There are even some tracks which are exclusive to this service.

Individual tunes are available to download at 99p each, or you can get a full album for around £6.99. Nice features include: all music is DRM free, the previews are at a reasonable length and all tracks are high quality 320kbps MP3's. It may not make Apple quake in their boots, but it's a definitely worthy of a visit by all music aficionados.

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