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IBM looks set to join the seriously multi-core set with the Power7 chip IBM Power chart
International Business Machines (IBM) or 'Big Blue' as it is more affectionately known, looks set to set to join the seriously multi-core set with its Power7 chip. According to our source,  with eight cores per processor and a clock of 4.0Ghz, IBM plan on building some very large boxes indeed.
IBM has an architecture that will let supercomputing types combine these 2U boxes to form a massive unit with 1,024 cores, hitting 32 teraflops of performance with 2TB of memory.
Furthermore, IBM is reportedly building a number crunching behemoth for the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) called "Blue Waters" with a budget of around US$208 Million. Rumoured for a 2011 completion, it promises to be something extra special.
We've got documents showing IBM going after a 10 petaflop system (peak) comprised of 38,900 eight-core Power7 chips with each chip running at 4.0GHz. This monster will have an astonishing 620TB of memory and 5PB/s of memory bandwidth.

According to the documents, IBM will rely on a 1.30PB/s interconnect to link the systems and will feed them with 26PB of storage. As if that's not enough, IBM will offer an exabyte of archival storage. Why not?

This insane machine will be built out of more than 100 racks filled with servers and storage systems, taking up close to 4,400 sq. feet.
Insane, but impressive
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