Impressive track listing for Rock Band 2 Page: 1
Dylan, AC/DC For Rock Band 2
Harmonix has announced an impressive 84 tracks for their soon to be released Rock Band 2, including music by Bob Dylan, AC/DC and an unreleased Guns N'Roses cut.
Harmonix has announced the track lineup for the forthcoming Rock Band 2, and it’s a biggie. For headbangers there will be “Let There Be Rock” from AC/DC and – the biggest scoop, “Shackler’s Revenge” by Guns N’Roses, a track from the long awaited Chinese Democracy album.

The other big names include Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, the Grateful Dead and the Who, a total of 84 tracks, with more than 500 promised by the end of the year.
Harmonix has also said that songs downloaded for the original game will be compatible with the new game, and users will be able to port tunes from the original.
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