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In-Win Release the MATRIX Chassis In Win MATRIX
Taiwanese manufacturers of computer chassis', power supplies, UPS' and digital storage devices, In Win, has released the latest in their range of PC enclosures called the Matrix. The Matrix, according to In Win is aimed squarely at the PC gamer and boats a number of attractive features: simple and space saving design; a new PPCT structure design; advanced thermal properties and superior acoustic performance.
360 Degrees Visual Effect
Complex features are all hidden underneath this clean line of design, creating a non-obstructive 360 visual effect.

Smart Cable Management
The brilliant back panel design enables wires to be concealed inside the chassis. It provides a clean contemporary look with a smart cable management feature.

Partition Plate Cooling Technology (PPCT)
By separating the CPU fan from the heat sink to reduce back draft, Partition Plate Cooling Technology (PPCT) efficiently streamlines the airflow in a unilateral direction to provide an exceptional thermal performance.

Volume VS. Size
With less than 12.5L volume size, IN WIN Matrix’s thermal and acoustic solutions outperform larger cases. Its superior design allows the Matrix to accommodate all exiting standard components and support up to 4 FULL height expansion cards.

Excellent Thermal Solution
Efficient air flow design and a 6cm fan for the hard drive keeps the system stable and performing at the peak of its capability.

Removable Mesh
The side panel with thermal vents has a removable mesh that prevents dust from clogging into the power supply.
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