Intel 6-core 'Dunnington' to come? Page: 1

Intel 6-core 'Dunnington' to come? - Yep, you heard right, Intel have already started on hex-core processors the first being code name Dunnington. The new processor information came about through a leaked PDF from Sun MicroSystems, the PDF file contained information on Intel's up and coming Dunnington Hex-Core processor. The most interesting part of the new CPU is that it is built on 45nm.


Another thing that caught our eye is that unlike the old quad cores this new hex-core will be built up using a single die instead of Core 2 Quad's two dies. The single die will consist of six cores each pair will be sharing 3MB of L2 cache and 16MB L3 cache will be shared between cores. Unfortunately this Dunnington CPU is a Xeon and will be use in the Xeon socket mPGA604(New Caneland platform) and back-wards compatible with the Tigerton platform.

Below is the Dunnington overview (Click to enlarge):


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