Intel adding one straw at a time to AMD's back Page: 1
Intel adding one straw at a time to AMD's back.
AMD share's drop
AMD are going through some real tough time's right now and Intel is seemingly nibbling at them little by little.
The Mercury Research numbers were released today and its showing more than a tough time for lapsing AMD on the market share front with AMD share's literally bottoming out at 18.7 percent compared to its stake held at 20.9% not so long ago. This may seem a drop in the ocean but a simple 2% decrease in this furious market is not something to be scoffed at.
Intel on the other hand are growing even more and with the imminent release of the Core i5 range coming along soon it's just adding more fuel to the already raging fire. Intel's stake in the market place has risen from a 78.2% to a 80.5% in less than 4 months.
Is this a downward slide for AMD or will they gain favour with the public as there new GPU's are being worked on for the realise of Direct X 11 and the New Phenom II X4 CPU hitting the market..
To me this feels like a bully in the school yard situation, yet all the children in the play ground are just going along with the bully's wishes. Will AMD manage to grasp a hold and come back, only time will tell.
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