Intel announce CPU price drops from 20th April Page: 1
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Intel to drop prices on a wide range of CPU's
On the 20th of April Intel is set to drop its prices on several 65nm processors and also make some very small decreases in the cost of their new 45nm line.

We'll start out with the 45nm CPU's so we can save the best for last.
All dual core 45nm E8*** Penryn based models will drop by a whopping $2.  This means that as of the 20th the E8200 can be had for $167, the E8400 for $187 and the E8500 for $266.
Moving on to the 45nm quads and its pretty much more of the same. 
The Core 2 Quad Q9300 will drop from $270 to $268 while the extremely elusive Q9450 will drop from $319 to $317 and its bigger brother, the Q9550 will follow suit and drop from $527 to $525.
These savings aren't exactly going to put the kids through college, but it does get better when we move on to the older 65nm models starting with the cheapest.
The single core Celeron 430 and 440 will drop from their current price of $45 down to $35 (430) and $54 down to $45 (440). 
Pentium dual core the E2180 will sink from current price of $77 to $67 with the E2200 dropping from  $87 to $77.
On to the Core 2 Duo's and we start with the E4500 which only drops $2 down to $117 however the E4600 offers a larger saving from $139 down to $119.  The E4700's price decreases slightly more from $139 to $117.
Moving on and upwards to the E6550, E6750 and E6850.  These three are also only dropping a measly $2 down to $167, $187 & $266 respectively.
Now some more quads!
The super popular Q6600 will be cut from $250 to $229.
Now as stated above I've saved the best for last.  The Core 2 Quad Q6700 will drop from its current $527 suggested retail price all the way down to $270 which is a massive saving.
Also quite a few Xeons will drop in price. 
Some of these price drops are quite decent and I imagine demand for the Q6700 will rise significantly as of the 20th.  As for the newer 45nm Penryns, it didn't seem likely that a significant drop going to happen.  However, I would have thought they might have chopped a tad more from the E6550, E6750 and E6850.
Let us know what you think of these price cuts in our forum.