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Intel Bloomfield CPU pricing reveals pleasant surprise
If you're to acquire a Bloomfield processor once they become available, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Intel it seems, wants to speed up the adoption of quad-core processors, and the best way to do this is by reducing the initial outlay of 'folding stuff' required to get one. Contrary to Intel's trend of charging a premium price for their Extreme Series processors; Bloomfield will see a significant reduction in price to the tune of US$500.
In the past, Intel had always priced its flagship Extreme model at US$999, but recent product launches saw the company abandon its traditional pricing scale, and introduce even steeper prices. The news that Intel seems to have returned to its old ways is likely to be good news for enthusiasts expecting to pay a hefty premium to own the latest high-end system.

In addition to the 3.2GHz Extreme CPU, Intel will also introduce a performance version clocked at 2.93GHz and quoted at US$562, and a mainstream model running at 2.66GHz and carrying a price tag of US$284. All three models will run on X58 chipset motherboards with the new LGA 1366 socket.

Intel declined the opportunity to respond to this report.
Good news if it comes to fruition.
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