Intel Bringing Integrated USB 3.0 Controller Page: 1

Despite the specification having been released nearly a year ago, the USB 3.0 standard has yet to become widespread.  This is largely due to the lack of adoption by one of the biggest players in the game: Intel.  Up to this point, the only way to really make use of such devices was to have an add-in card bearing an NEC chip.  Well now it seems this will soon be changing.

According to the Chinese site Commercial Times, Intel is expected to announce the addition of a USB 3.0 host controller to their Cougar Point motherboard reference design at the Intel Developer Forum next week.  This comes after reports saying earlier this year that they weren't expected to begin support until 2012.  So what prompted this change of heart?  I wouldn't be surprised if AMD's attempts back in July to bring support to their upcoming southbridge had something to do with it.

At any rate, things are looking up for this speedy transfer standard, which is nothing but good news for consumers as the potential is quite amazing.

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