Intel Brings AppUp Software Store to Linux Page: 1

Intel today announced the launch of its AppUp software store for Linux based netbooks. Though still in beta mode, the new software store is now available on Moblin Linux.

Intel has enjoyed good success with the Windows version of its AppUp software store for netbooks. The store really clicked with software developers because it provided them a platform for promoting their wares. Now with the launch of its beta, Intel is bringing this software store to Linux.
Intel’s Atom range of CULV processors are the favoured chips for netbook and nettop device manufacturers. This move from Intel to release its AppUp store for Linux clearly indicates that the company plans to move ahead with Linux for all such netbooks and portable devices that are based on its Atom platform. The only catch with the AppUp store at the moment is that Intel is releasing it for distribution only through its own Moblin Linux version.

For now, Intel has launched the app store for its Moblin Linux version 2.1 and made it available only in the US. However, the tech giant reportedly plans to release it across Europe by the end of March.

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