Intel Continues To Add To LGA775 Line Page: 1

Even with the advancement of the LGA1156 platform, it seems Intel is not ready to abandon the previous generation quite yet. Word is that they are keeping their LGA775 platform lineup up to date with the release of three new CPUs.

First up is the Q9500.  Set to replace the current Q9400, this new quad core processor steps the clock speed up to 2.83GHz with a price of $183.  The chip will continue to make use of a 6MB L2 cache and a 1333MHz front side bus.

The other two processors are a pair of Wolfdale-based dual cores.  The Pentium E6600, priced at $84, will be clocked at 3.06GHz and utilize a 2MB cache and 1066MHz FSB, while the Celeron E3400 will provide users with a 2.6GHz, 1MB cache, 800MHz chip for $53.  These new additions to the dual core line will result in price cuts for the current processors, with the E6500, E5400, and E3300 dropping to $74, $64, and $43 respectively.

While the i3/i5 platform is beginning to gain steam, Intel obviously feels the need to maintain the LGA775 platform for the entry-level market.