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Intel Core 2 Duo E7000 Due Q2 2008
Intel are reportedly set to start the transition from 65NM CPU's to the new 45NM core. Starting off with the E4000 series, which are reported to be available around the Q2 of 2008, the E7000 based on the Wolfdale core is expected to be the 45NM replacement.
The first chip will integrate a 1066 MHZ FSB, up from 800 MHz in the E4000 series, and a 3 MB shared L2 cache, up from 2 MB. The thermal design power remains at 65 watts, reports. Overall, 45 nm processors will be rare sight on the market, as Intel expects only 5% of its total output to be 45 nm. The share is expected to climb to 20% in Q2 and to 50% in Q3.

Meanwhile, first information about the E8000 series, the successor of the current Core 2 Duo E6000 models, begins to show up. Several media outlets are reporting that the 45 nm dual cores will be shipping in late January, while the Q9000 quad-cores are expected to follow with a few weeks of delay.
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