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Intel Creates i7/SSD Bundle

In hopes of facilitating demand and helping to clear stockpiled inventory, Intel has created a bundle deal for two of their top performance components: the Core i7 CPU and their solid-state drives.  Partners will now be able to pair the Core i7 CPU and SSD of their choice together for a fairly solid 10-15% discount.  Considering the hefty price tags that are attached to Intel's SSDs, this is sure to be welcome to those partners interested in them.

Intel's SSD lineup currently consists of the X25-E 32GB priced at US$410, X18-M 80GB at US$385, X25-M 80GB at US$385, X18-M 160GB at US$760 and X25-M 160GB at US$760.  Intel also plans to add to the Extreme line later this month with the X25-E 64GB at US$790.

Intel commented by saying that sales for these products are currently perfectly in line with what they had expected.

Will this promotional bundle deal help them clear stock in these hard times?

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