Intel Cuts i7 950 Price In Half Page: 1

Everyone likes price cuts, especially ones that make higher-end components more viable.  This is exactly what is happening with Intel's Core i7 950 processor, with its price getting cut in half.

Up until now, the 950 has generally been seen as a pointless chip.  The processor has been retailing at most shops for the same price as the faster 960.  In fact, at some e-tailers it has been costing even more.  With this upcoming price cut down to $294, it has morphed into the 930's successor, essentially rendering several processors in this price category obselete.

This new price cut is expected to go effective on either Sunday or Monday.  While most stores are holding with the current price for now, OverclockersUK has already put up a pre-order page for £234.99, with an estimated ship date at the end of the month.  According to Neoseeker, we could be seeing some cuts for the i5 760, i3 560, and some of Intel's lower-end E-series processors in the near future as well.

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