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Intel are reportedly researching technology that will be able to detect cheating in online games and hopefully shut it down.

The software...would monitor data sent from the player's computer to the server and would be able to detect anomalies, peg the players as cheaters, and then notify the server or admin so that the offending player could be kicked out of the game. Exactly how this would happen is still unknown, nor is it clear if Intel's software would take the form of firmware or a piece of software that can be installed or taken off (the project is still in the research phase). seems as if only one computer on the server would need to be running the program for it to be effective. The server may also have to be set up to "cooperate" with the order to ban a player, which is another layer of software gamers would have to install.

It'll be interesting to see how the gaming community embraces this one... And whether Intel can succeed where others have failed.

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