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Intel Dropping Nvidia?
In a rather disturbing turn of events, it seems that Intel might not allow Nvidia to develop and manufacture chipsets for the upcoming Nehalem CPUs.  This is a clear case of Intel trying to play dirty to get what it wants, as this cutoff would occur despite the fact that Nvidia already has a license.  It is likely that Intel is hoping to bully Nvidia into licensing SLI technology to them, something Nvidia has so far been unwilling to do.  This will be a huge hit for Nvidia, as this effectively destroys at least half of Nvidia's chipset market, maybe even more considering the current superiority of Intel's platforms over those of AMD.
The struggle between Intel and Nvidia has been going on for quite some time now, what with Nvidia's refusal to license SLI and now Intel's move towards graphics with their upcoming Larrabee chips.  In the past few months, they have been taking potshots at each other in the form of press statements about the future importance of CPUs and GPUs.  Clearly Intel feels like it's time to take the struggle to a new level.  Maybe Intel even sees this as another way to set the stage for their Larrabee GPUs.
You have to wonder how smart a move this really was.  This can only help Intel's more direct competitor, AMD.  AMD already gains some revenue from the licensing of their Crossfire technology to Intel.  Now, though, those wanting a multi-GPU solution on the Nehalem platform will have to go with AMD's ATI cards and those who want SLI will have to go with an AMD platform.  This could give AMD the jump it needs to get back into the game.  Who knows; maybe this could even drive Nvidia to seek some sort of partnership with AMD.
Do you think this is a smart move by Intel?
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