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Intel Eaglelake Chipset & Boards Details

We've gotten some details on Intel's up-and-coming Eaglelake chipset, and what the motherboards featuring these chipsets should be offering. Along for the ride are some new acronyms which everyone typically forgets about after the 2nd week.

Intel has revealed some information on the management and security features of the Eaglelake chipset. New technologies such as Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) v5.0, VT for Directed I/O (VT-d), Trusted Execution Technology (TXT), Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2, "Danbury" Technology and FIS-based port multipliers are to be available on Eaglelake-P, G and Q chipsets w/ ICH10 slated for Q2 2008.


Intel Desktop Board based on Eaglelake-P is codenamed Skyberg featuring dual x8 PCIe instead of the current x16/x4 PCIe on the Bearlake chipsets although ASUS has already managed to re-route some circuitry on their Blitz boards to make it dual x8. Another Intel Desktop Board codenamed Icedale is based on Eaglelake-G chipset that supports integrated HDMI, DX10 and Intel Clear Video technology. Fly Creek is another Eaglelake-G board for ultra SFF. Lastly, we have Cube Cove and Eklo based on Eaglelake-Q chipsets for uATX and uSFF.

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PCI Express 2.0 discrete graphics will be interesting, and HD-DVD/Blu-Ray support welcomed we think.

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