Intel fights back with high-end Xeon Page: 1
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The new 'Tulsa' dual-core chip, designed for four-processor systems and officially called the Xeon 7100 series, has a price ranging from US$856 for a 7110 model with 4MB of high-speed cache memory and a 2.6GHz clock speed to US$1,980 for a 7140 model with 16MB of cache and 3.4GHz speed. Intel is claiming that its new Xeon processor has up to 70% more performance than its older sibling, the 'Paxville'.

Intel are now reportedly trying to make the comparison between Tulsa and American Micro Devices (AMD) Opteron range of server chips. "Tulsa based systems are 17 percent faster than Opteron machines on business database tasks and 42 percent faster on Java server tasks", Intel said.

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