Intel Gulftown To Launch In Mac Pro Page: 1
Gulftown - Apple exclusive?
A recent rumour on French website suggests that the Apple could be the first and exclusive OEM to make the hexa-core chip available, as part of it's refreshed Mac Pro line. They say Apple will launch the new Mac Pro early in 2010, with a 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection and support for 8GB and 16GB memory modules meaning users could purchase a system with an insane 128GB of RAM installed,.
It is also rumoured that, judging by Apple's record, there will be some form of dual socket board model available, meaning a potential 12 core'd, 24 threaded system could be available to purchase, for a tasty upgrade from an i7 based  system. The Gulftown, or Core i9 processors are based on socket 1366 and feature 6 physical and 6 virtual cores, 12MB of L3 cache and are built on a 32nm process to keep in line with the 130w TDP of existing Nehalem processors, meaning they should slot right in to your existing X58 motherboard.
So, is this true? Are Intel favouring Apple over the consumer, giving them months of exclusitivity, or will it take Apple that long to work out how to implement that many cores?
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