Intel Has Unlocked Core i7 875K Chip in Pipeline Page: 1

Intel is working on an all new CPU specifically for enthusiasts, which will come with its core completely unlocked. Dubbed the Core i7 875K, where the K stands for completely unlocked CPU, the new chip will allow users to fully exploit its overclocking capabilities.

Intel seems to be slowly waking up to the fact that enthusiasts will overclock its chips, whether it wants or not. At the start of the month, the chip-maker released affordably priced chips with unlocked multipliers to woo enthusiasts. And now it is working on launching CPUs that are fully unlocked just for the overclocking crowd.

The first CPU of the series, the Core i7 875K is expected to be shown off in June and reports suggest that it will come with a LGA1156 socket. So the chip should fit on all P55 powered motherboards and become a delight for overclockers. The CPU is a quad-core one with Turbo Boost and support for DDR3 dual channel 1333 RAM.

Intel has plans of giving enthusiasts full control over the processor frequency ratio so that they can achieve maximum overclocking with the chip. However, they will have to update the bios of their boards to meet the CPU’s TDP requirement of 95W.

As reported on Fudzilla, the new CPU is more or less confirmed, but its exact frequency is not yet known. Considering that the Core i7 870 is clocked at 2.93GHz, it can be safely assumed that the Core i7 875K will work around the 3.0GHz mark.

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