Intel Introduces New Processors and Price Cuts Page: 1

This weekend, Intel quietly introduced a number of new processors to their lineup as well as some price cuts to their current set. Perhaps of particular note is the new non-extreme hex-core, the i7 970. Before you get excited though, going for an Intel hex will still come at quite the premium. 

A mere $115 (which is effectively more like $100 in retail) less than the extreme model at $885, the i7 970 features a base clock speed of 3.2GHz (up to 3.43GHz Turbo) and loses the unlocked multiplier. This is certainly a disappointment seeing as there were previous estimates (or perhaps more like hopes) that we would see a price closer to $500-600, and many are bound to feel you might as well shell out for the flagship 980X.

Also introduced at this time were the i7 870s and the i5 760. The 870s is simply a low-power variant of the i7 870, having a power requirement of 82W versus the usual 95W. The i5 760 replaces the i5 750 as Intel's midrange quad-core, featuring a clock speed of 2.8GHz. The 870s and 760 have MSRPs of $351 and $205 respectively.

To help accomodate these new processors, Intel has initiated price cuts on various CPUs at each level. The i7 870 has seen a cut of 47.6%, down from $562 to $294. Some of their more entry-level chips are seeing cuts of 10-15%, with the i3 540, Pentium E6600, and Pentium E5500 going from $133, $84, $75 to $117, $75, $64 respectively. The Xeon X3470 has also seen a large drop from $589 to $328.

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