Intel Launches its “Affordable” X25-V Value SSDs Page: 1

Intel today announced the release of its new “affordable” range of X25-V Value SATA SSDs. The release comes in the wake of OCZ’s launch of its Onyx series SSDs, which has broken the $100 barrier in SSD pricing.

The new drive from Intel is a 2.5in one and is aimed at the “entry-level” market for use with notebooks and netbooks, and as an additional boot drive for desktop PCs. It comes with a 40GB storage capacity. Intel has built the X25-V on a five-channel architecture with 10 4GB NAND flash chips.

In line with its “affordable” price tag, the SSD features not-so-exciting read and write speeds of 170MB/sec and 35MB/sec respectively. It also has 4KB random reads, which allows the drive to carry out 25,000 I/O operations per second for reads and 2500 I/O operations per second for writes. As expected, the X25-V also comes with TRIM support for Windows 7.

Intel has priced the X25-V at $125, which means that the effective price per gigabyte is still the same as its higher priced SSDs and matches the industry standards. In that sense, while the new series is affordably priced, it is not exactly cheaper.

Despite this, Intel believes its X25-V should have many takers and expects the SSD to catch the fancy of netbook users. The drive has already started shipping and is available at many online retailers.

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