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Intel Push Nehalem Into H2 2008

Word on the street is that the rumoured 'AMD killer' - Nahalem, should be with us by the second-half of next year.

Intel has revealed some information on their Nehalem processor in the latest roadmap updates. The 45nm Hi-K Nehalem-EP is based on 4-issue Intel Core microarchitecture technology, supports Simultaneous multi-threading and Multi-level shared cache architecture (L2 and L3). Nehalem-EP processor will arrive earlier than expected in H2 2008 and will be pairing up with Tylerburg chipsets. EP stands for Efficient Performance, one of the new naming for the server platforms for energy efficency on 1-2 processor sockets. There are also Mission Critical (MC) for best RAS from 2-512 processor sockets, Expandable (EX) for RAS from 2-32 processor sockets as well as Entry (EN) on 1-2 processor sockets to better align with future IT usage.

Perhaps the impending release of AMD's Barcelona and Agena cored processors for server and desktop respectively, have Intel a little worried. Especially considering that Intel's 45nm Penryn is really offering very little in architectural differences from the current C2 processors, and is really only a step down from current node size.

Alternatively, Intel could be just raining on AMD's parade as they have become accustomed to doing in recent times.

Could Intel be feeling the heat?

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