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Fudzilla reported that Intel’s Core i7 970 six-core could be ready to ship in the next couple of weeks, while Intel’s second six-core is clocked at 3.2 GHz and should be cheaper than the Core i7 980X which can be found at around £830, which could be a better choice when trying to work out value for money.

Keeping up with the new cores Intel has launched the Core i5 680, the fastest Clarkdale dual-core to date, though £270 may seem a bit pricey for a dual-core and most would go for a quad Intel are still expecting to do well from this.

Following on from the i7 and i5 news Intel has introduced some cheap processors for us, including the Pentium E5500, 2.8 GHz Wolfdale dual-core, which can be found for around £65 and another choice is the Pentium E6700, 3.2GHz Wolfdale and should only cost you around £70, you should be able to find it in shops by the end of the month.

All in all Intel seems to be meeting the needs for everyone out there, though the prices of the i7 and i5 seem to be a bit over the top. Many are still opting for these expensive processors but this may change when AMD release their six-core Phenoms.

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Intel on their Core’s!