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Intel P45 Chipset Delayed
Motherboard manufacturers have given word that Intel's upcoming P45 chipset will be delayed from the original May date.  The reason: incompatibility issues between graphics cards and the PCI-Express ports.  While Intel is confident they will be able to fix this issue, it will cause a 2-4 week delay
Intel will be officially announcing the P45 chipset at Computex 2008 in the first week of June, but boards bearing the chipset won't begin shipping until later that month.
Some motherboard manufacturers are happy in the sense that this will give them more time to clear their P35-based board inventory.  However, this delay can do nothing but harm Intel's image in the field of technological development.
Do you believe this delay will have any real adverse effects on Intel?
The people over at VR-Zone have another source which gives a contradictory statement, saying that we can expect P45 boards to appear in early May.  Only time will tell who is right here.
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