Intel Planning Pentium E6700 Launch in Q2 Page: 1

Intel is gearing up to launch an all new Pentium CPU with the brand name Pentium E6700. The company has had its Core 2 Duo E6700 on the retail market for a few years now but the new launch is a different one from the 65nm architecture of the dual-core chip.

The new Pentium E6700 CPU will feature a dual core Wolfdale 45nm core just like its current colleague from Intel, the E6600. The new CPU will however, be a faster one at 3.2GHz than the E6600, which is clocked at 3.06GHz. Other than the somewhat higher speed, both the E6700 and the E6600 will carry the same 1066MHz FSB and 2MB cache.

While the new CPU does not have much to offer in terms of new value, it should help strengthen Intel’s Pentium brand, which has been a best seller for many-a-year now. The E6700 is expected to arrive in the second quarter of this year with a price tag of around $99.99.

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