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Intel Announce 32nm i7s

Intel WestmereIntel have today announced the "tick" of their tick/tock Microprocessor strategy. The tock being a completely new architecture, and the tick being a refinement of that process. This tick is a reduction of the Core i7 (Nehalem) chips from their current 45nm process, down to a 32nm process codenamed "Westmere".

Intel have a planned investment of $8 billion in 2009 to upgrade their facilities in New Mexico, Arizona and Oregon, enabling them to facilitate the move to the 32nm process, whilst expecting production of the chips to begin in Q4 '09.

As well as the increased performance expected from a smaller process, Intel have included 7 new instructions for encryption and decryption with carryless multiply and 6 instructions for the Advanced Encryption Standard.

Below is the Intel Roadmap listing the new processors and their code names, along with the available cores (C) and threads (T). Of interest is that the 32nm process still runs on the X58 chipset. Whether it will be on a different socket however has yet to be revealed.

Westmere Roadmap

Intel's history as an integrated device manufacturer has allowed it to continue to develop their new generations of process technology on a two-year timescale. The 32nm process contains industry leading features including second generation high-k+ metal gate transistors, the first time Intel has used immersion lithography on the critical layers and a 70% scaling from the 45nm process. Finally, under their Server listings they have an Nehalem-EX listed at 8 cores and 16 threads. Anyone for octocore?

Read the Intel 32nm release in PDF here

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