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Intel's 8-Core Haswell-E coming in Autumn!

This Year Intel will be releasing Haswell-E on their new X99 platform and will be moving to using DDR4 memory. Alongside this Intel will be moving to a flagship consumer CPU that will use a total of 8 cores and 16 threads, specs that will get all us hard-line enthusiasts excited, perhaps enough to pay the expected $999 price tag as well as other platform costs such as DDR4 memory and a X99 motherboard.

Many sources are expecting this Haswell-Bomb to drop around September around Intel’s Developer Forum in San-Francisco, but this is unconfirmed by Intel.

The Rumoured Specs of the Haswell-E CPUs are as follows:


Core i7-5960XCore i7-5930kCore i7-5820K
Processing Cores866
Processing Threads161212
Core Base Frequency3.0GHz3.5GHz3.2GHz
Supported MemoryDDR4DDR4DDR4
Memory Controller Frequency2133MHz2133MHz2133MHz

PCI Express Config.

2x16 + 1x82x16 +1x81x16 + 1x8 + 1x4


As we can see above all Haswell-E processors will feature 6 or more cores support DDR4 memory, proces are as expected with the Flagship costing almost $1000 and the lesser models costing much less, if you are willing to give up two cores.

The TDP for all the Chips are 140W, which is to be expected from a chip which is essentially two 4770Ks.

The move to DDR4 memory will undoubtedly increase the cost of this platform, at least until DDR4 memory becomes more widely used/available, but will reduce power consumption and be able to deliver higher density modules compared to the current DDR3 DIMMs

.Intel's 8-Core Haswell-E coming in Autumn!

The most Noteworthy chip here, I this writers opinion, is the i7 5820K a 6-core K-series processor which has a rumoured price of a very reasonable $350. While it sacrifices a little when it comes to clock speed and PCI-E options, it makes up for with overclockability (given it is a K-series CPU) and it simply costs $150 less than the almost identical 5930K.

Sadly this time the x930k variant does not offer the massive thread count of its bigger brother, so perhaps a reviewer this time around can actually recommend the flagship this time around. Is this the 8-Core CPU we have all been looking for?

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