Intel's Gulftown Ships With Improved Heatsink Page: 1
Gulftown comes with improved heatsink

Intel's redesigned cpu cooler for gulfstownThe upcoming six core processors from Intel - also known as Gulftown. The processors are scheduled for release in early 2010, but we have more good news. Intel have decided to ditch their traditional push pin mounting system that is loathed by many. Current Intel processors come with a heatsink and fan that blows vertically, this isn't effective for hotter processors, so they have introduced a new tower style cooler which features four heatpipes and a fan that blows air horizontally, rather than vertically.
Intel's redesigned cpu cooler for gulfstown base and mounting
The new improved cooler should perform better and also be easier to mount than the previous plastic push pins, the new metal design should be easier, durable and useful when shipping pre built computers. Hopefully Intel adopt this design on more of their future processors.
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