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Intel has kickstarted 2011 with the official unveiling of its new line-up of CPUs - the Sandy Bridge brigade. Carrying the same nomenclature of Core i3, i5 and i7 as their immediate predecessors, the new chips have featured in the news for several months now.

Intel has used its new 32nm process for the Sandy Bridge processors. This, according to the company, makes the processors more energy efficient and also enhances 3D and graphics performance. The use of Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 has also brought about significant improvements in the overclocking abilities of the chips without noticeable overheating.

The biggest change in the Sandy Bridge processors from the current Core series is the all new Intel HD graphics system. The manufacturer has reportedly stripped it out and rebuilt it from scratch, which has resulted in integrated graphics that are capable of handling most, if not all, high-end games.

The next big upgrade can be seen in Intel’s Wireless Display technology or WiDi. This technology lets a user beam video output from a laptop to a Netgear receiver box and thereby connect to a TV or other display via HDMI wirelessly. Intel has overcome most of the limitations that bugged the original version of the system.

Gone is the delay in signal and lack of support for protected content such as DVD or Blu-ray video. The support for protected content comes through Intel Insider, a new service that provides a secure path for such digital content.

While more details about the new CPUs will be made public when Intel showcases them at CES 2011, the chip maker is already claiming that these new generation CPUs will make, “content creation up to 42 percent faster and gaming up to 50 percent faster," than previous ones.

For now, check out the list of laptop CPUs announced as part of the pre-launch gear up. Desktop CPUs are expected to follow shortly.

Intel Core i7

  1. Extreme Edition i7-2920XM
  2. i7-2820QM
  3. i7-2720QM
  4. i7-2630QM, 2635QM
  5. i7-2620M
  6. i7-2649M
  7. i7-2629M (LV)
  8. i7-2657M
  9. i7-2617M (ULV)

Intel Core i5

  1. i5-2540M
  2. i5-2520M,
  3. i5-2410M,
  4. i5-2537M (ULV)

Intel Core i3

  1. i3-2310M


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