Intel set to release two new quad core CPU's in Q3 2008 Page: 1
Core 2 Quad logoIntel to release the Q9400 and Q9650 in Q3 2008

The guys at Fud today reported that Intel are set to release two new 45nm Yorkfield based quad core CPU's to their line up in Q3 this year.  So sometime between July and September we should have a couple more reasonably priced quads to choose from, the Core 2 Quad Q9400 and Core 2 Quad Q9650.

Like they did with the old Extreme QX6700, Intel have decided to drop the X to make a more mainstream version of their beastly QX9650.  The Core 2 Q9x50 model name means that the CPU will be loaded up with 12MBs of L2 cache memory and this particular version will be clocked at 3.0GHz running on a 1333MHz front side bus.  The main difference from the Extreme version will be that it doesn't have an unlocked multiplier, that and the fact it will only cost somewhere in the region of $525 at launch compared to the current price of the QX9650 at £615 ($1040).
While there were reports in february that the Q9650 was to be released later in the year, no prices were mentioned. If this information is (relatively) correct then it's not a bad price at all.
As for the Q9400, this CPU will cost around $268 at launch, which is about $75 less than the Q9450 currently sells (if you can get a hold of one) but more interestingly, its about the same price as the Q9300 can be had for now.  The Q9400 will come clocked at 2.66GHz and will also run on a 1333MHz front side bus.  While it looks pretty much the same as the Q9450, the difference is that CPU's with the Q9x00 model numbers have the 12MBs of L2 cache seen in the Q9x50 range cut in half down to 6MBs.  It's not that the memory isn't there, it's just been disabled.
It's possible that these two could be the last 45nm quads to be released before we see Nehalem.  But with Intel being Intel, that could easily change.
Would you be tempted to splash a little extra cash on the Q9650 or buy a Q9400 to save some pennies for other upgrades?
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