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Intel Ships Out Westmere to Partners
Intel has moved up the release date of Westmere, its next-generation microprocessor and has already shipped out samples to key partners. Designed for both laptops and desktops, the desktop version of the chip has been named Clarkdale while the laptop model is called Arrandale.
Westmere is designed on similar lines to Intel’s Nehalem processor but comes with a 32nm core compared to Nehalem’s 45nm one. The new chip comprises of two cores with hyperthreading and has integrated graphics alongside the CPU.
Intel CEO Paul Otellini announced the shipping of the samples during an earnings conference call and informed that around 30 laptop and desktop PC manufacturers have already received the chips for testing. This means Westmere will become available later this year. The early release of Westmere also opens up the possibility of the company releasing Calpella, Centrino 3 – the new version of the Centrino platform about three months earlier than the expected date.
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