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Intel show Ivy Bridge Ultrabook

Intel today showed off it's concept Ivybridge powered Ultrabook playing COD:MW3... with NO discrete graphics card anywhere in sight. Utilising the power of the Ivy Bridge i7 processor, the game seemed to run fine on the incredibly thin and light weight system.

Ivy Bridge playing COD:MW3 all on it's own!

Working with it's PC making partners, Intel want to bridge the gap between Tablet and Laptop, while maintaining the increasing power of a desktop PC.  The Ultrabook is Intel's idea of a small (around 14"), lightweight, clam-shell laptop that can morph into a tablet.

They also have a very long battery life (9 hours is not unusual), and will have the power of the forthcoming 22nm Ivy Bridge i5 and i7 processors at their core.

There are a few ultrabooks available, but they are currently using the latest i5/i7 processors.

But, does this raw power sound the death of the need for discrete graphics in laptops and notebooks? Only time will tell, but it was very impressive at first glance. What is certain, is that it looks like Ivybridge is going to be another giant step forward in the CPU market.

More details of the Intel Ultrabook concept can be found here.

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