Intel Show Off With 22nm Chips Page: 1
22nm Chips in 2011
Intel's 22nm SRAM chip
Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel, showed off a 300mm wafer of memory arrays, fabricated on the 22nm node, reinforcing Intel's plans to release processors of this size in 2011. Intel hasn't named the first processor, but if they stick to their 'tick-tock' schedule, then it will be released as the die-shrink of the 32nm Sandy Bridge architecture in Q2 of 2011.
This is proof that Moore's law still continues, as Intel claim they have crammed 2.9billion transistors into a package the same size as your finger nail, pretty amazing when you think about it. The first processors back in the 1970s featured just a few thousand transistors in a much larger package.
Intel are remaining tight lipped on the specifications of the 22nm processors though, saying only "the 22nm production process - called 'P1270' for CPUs and 'P1271' for Atom-branded system-on-a-chip products - is on track." They described the P1270 as an "immature process", admitting that there's still a lot of work to be done before they are ready to turn it into retail processors. That work will take up most of 2010.
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