Intel Start 32nm Chip Production Page: 1
32nm Westmere Processors
Intel's foundries have began the mass production of the first processors based on the 32nm second generation high-K metal gate (HKMG) technologies. These 32nm parts are the first of the company's next-generation Westmere architecture to come to the retail market. These first products will include dual core processors compatible with the recently introduced socket 1156 platform, and will carry the brand identifiers of Core i5 600 series, Core i3 500 series, and a Pentium dual-core series.
The desktop-grade parts are based on the "Clarkdale" core and the notebook-grade ones "Arrandale". The latter will be introduced first among the two, with the first Arrandale chips slated for Q4 2009, while the desktop chips arrive a little later in Q1 2010. Intel will focus on this transition to the Westmere architecture in the upcoming Intel Developer Forum event.
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