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8 Intel cores faster than 16 AMD cores?

I found this little snippet that I thought some of you may be interested in. Again some of you may have seen/heard this, and if that is the case then please disregard.

At the Microprocessor Forum, Intel demoed its V8 workstation running the POV-Ray benchmark. The machine is equipped with Intel's Workstation Board S5000XVN, 2 quad-core Xeons 5365, clocked at 3GHz and 16GB RAM. And the results are simply impressive: Intel scored over 4,900 pixels per seconds versus a little bit over 4,000 for AMD's 4 sockets quad-core (Barcelona) system. Again, this is an AMD 16 cores system versus Intel's 8 cores V8 machine.

Of course real-life performance is what we really like to see before making a purchasing decision, but it seems that Intel may still have the numbers on the board in preparation for AMD's Barcelona and beyond.

At the show, Intel also demoed a system with a 45nm Penryn quad-core processor (shipping by year end, about the same time than Barcelona!) that is 40% faster than the top of the line quad-core generation, the Core 2 Extreme processor QX6800

We can only hope that AMD's Agena cored processors for the desktop are able to provide an alternative to the Core 2 architecture, otherwise it may well be another period of AMD playing catch-up to Intel.

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