Intel to release P45 chipset in early 2008 Page: 1
According to Custom PC magazine, Intel are planning to release the new P45 chipset in 2008, and suggest that it may happen as early as January!

According to a motherboard manufacturer that we’ve spoken to, Intel is planning to introduce the new chipset in 2008, possibly as early as January, and the rumour is that it will basically be the same as the P35, but with a 1,600MHz front side bus.

The timing of the launch sounds about right to us, as Intel is also planning to launch its first CPU with a 1,600MHz front side bus, the Core 2 Extreme QX9770, in January 2008. Intel also plans to announce its X48 chip for enthusiasts at this time, which supports the 1,600MHz front side bus as well.

Intel really are releasing a lot of chipsets at the moment. Hopefully this one will give the bang per buck we've been looking for, while supporting the latest technology.

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