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Intel to unify product naming scheme

Intel are apparently taking a leaf out of AMD's book in an attempt to unify processor naming schemes. According to the source article, Intel plans to unify the product names of its CPUs and platforms beginning on January 1, 2008 to simplify the company's complicated product lines.

For processors, the Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Solo will be combined under the name Core 2, while Pentium Dual-Core and Pentium D processors will combine under the Pentium brand. Also, Itanium 2 processors will change to just Itanium, noted the sources. Core 2 Extreme, Celeron and Xeon processor names will remain unchanged.

For platforms, Viiv Processor Technology and vPro Processor Technology will change to Core 2 Processor with Viiv Technology and Core 2 Processor with vPro Technology, respectively. Centrino Processor Technology and Centrino Duo Processor Technology will combine to Centrino Processor Technology, while Centrino Pro Processor Technology will become Centrino with vPro Technology, noted the sources. In addition, Intel's brand logo stickers will also be changed.

Intel schedules to finish the adoption of the new product names before March 31, 2008...the changes will simplify the choices for consumers and businesses, provide consistency and clarity for messaging, and create an efficient, less complex and more sustainable brand roadmap, while minimizing the impact to customers.

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